Patient Outreach & RPM Center

Digital visits enhancing patient experience

Multi-lingual Proactive Outreach to Patients/Family
 Inbound & Outbound contacts

    • Resolve issues impacting patient’s plan of care, proxy, power of attorney, communication, education
    • Facilitate scheduling, RX refill, lab results, post-episode summary follow-up
    • Monitor queue for bio-med alerts (vitals, weight, etc) for immediate follow-up and/or routing to the agency & clinician providing care
    • Follow up / check in with patients and family
    • Document, track and report on patient interactions/calls to help coordinate communications with field clinicians and branches
    • Proactive follow-up with patients & family to improve portal activation & usage
    • Education to support/supplement patient/family & clinician’s knowledge with digital resources

Unity Offerings for Home Health, Hospice, Skilled Nursing

Dedicated support, 100% U.S. based workforce, for home health, hospice, skilled nursing facilities, Care Delivery Organizations (CDOs), in-patient rehabilitation, and physician practices.


Reduce readmissions

Reduce clinician workload

Improve patient interactions

Reduce calls to caregivers

Lower costs

Reduce administrative burden on backoffice teams for scheduling

Proactive monitoring

Improve consumption of information

Improve patient compliance & medication adherence

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