Our Story

At UnityBPO, we support clinicians in their use of technology, clinical applications, and EHRs; we support patients in the digital management of their healthcare.

We are the lifeline for clinicians and patients across the country helping them to solve their technology challenges. Through our unique portfolio of clinician and patient products and services, Unity brings the skills, experience, tools, knowledge, and best practices to create immediate resolution to human technology interactions. This portfolio reduces costs, increases clinician productivity, meets regulatory compliance requirements, and aligns IT to clinical operations.

Our extraordinary services are powered by the UnityWithinTM platform—a comprehensive framework that manages health information technology (HIT) environments with automation, communication, workflow, and analytics. Our platform combined with our clinical and technology professionals make UnityBPO your best partner for high-quality managed services in healthcare organizations of virtually any size, shape, or budget.

We have synthesized our business to focus on 3 pillars:

  1. ROI that aligns to the healthcare business – cost savings, reimbursements, claims
  2. IT and Clinical Integration is our sweet spot. We focus on the metrics that align with both IT and the Business. And we help our clients drive technology changes and cost optimization using LEAN and ITIL methodologies.
  3. Analytics – using the extensive data we collect about each environment, we help drive cost savings and improvements across the enterprise.

Why We Do What We Do

We believe technology has become more complex and more prevalent. We believe this phenomenon has created a gap between the users of technology and the providers of technology and its services. To close that gap, we believe IT departments must transform the way they deliver and support technology for clinicians and patients. We believe technology can be cost efficient, reliable, and useful to the clinicians who need these tools to heal their patients, provide care in the home, or validate their research. We believe we are the best company at understanding how to humanize technology, and we hire people who live this belief.

Based on our beliefs, we at Unity choose to work in healthcare because it matters – it’s complex, critical, and dramatically affects our lives both as a society and as individuals. Bound together by our diverse talent and uncompromising values, we dedicate ourselves to making a difference where people put themselves in danger to help others, care for the vulnerable and needy in their homes, race to find vaccines and treatments, and save lives.

We believe every clinician and every patient require a special approach to IT – one that integrates humans and technology. To reduce human touch-points, we as technologists must live and breath healthcare knowledge, cultural understanding, and expertise in state-of-the-art technology. It is a symbiotic relationship: our clients’ missions vitalize our performance, and inspire us all to innovate together.

Inclusion and Diversity

The need for healthcare doesn’t discriminate and neither do we. At UnityBPO, we strive to create an environment that makes everyone feel welcome, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, veteran status, disability, or other attribute.

We believe diversity makes us a stronger team. We value new ideas and viewpoints. Great minds don't always think alike. Sometimes ideas and opinions differ, but collaboration is key to our success.

We engage and advance our diverse workforce with programs such as:

  • Rewards & Recognition program
  • Total Wellness program
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Executive mentoring initiative
  • Community Recognition program

Social Mission

One thing that sets UnityBPO apart is our commitment to our inspired, passionate and united employees. UnityBPO employees are active in the community and make a positive difference as a lifestyle—we know that using our time and resources to support people, enrich communities, and make the world healthier helps all of us thrive.

UnityBPO is proud to support the philanthropic initiatives of the clients and communities we serve, both financially and through participation in various events. By supporting our hospital clients’ foundations, we contribute to the transformation of the nation’s hospitals through research, education and patient care programs – from cancer research to capital funding for cardiac care facilities.

Some of our community partners include Special Olympics, Wounded Warrior, Heading Home, Healthcare for the Homeless and Keshet Center for the Arts.


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At-The-Elbow Support Specialists

UnityBPO specializes in providing clinical, managed, professional, and telehealth services to hospitals, physician practices, private networks, Care Delivery Organizations (CDOs), clinics, as well as home health, hospice and skilled nursing providers. Our clients like working with us because we have a strong commitment to making a difference in complex healthcare environments – we make IT better for patients, doctors, clinicians, and administrators. We are highly regarded by national and regional organizations alike for our pragmatic approach, best practices, and highly skilled workforce. Our unique ITSM strategy blends your data center, network, mobile and end user computing environments in an innovative fashion. This radically simplifies your IT, allowing you to focus on patient critical systems. This balance provides the most efficient methodology to address the evolving challenges facing you, both now and in the future. We accomplish all this with a constant and deliberate commitment to ethical performance and integrity that is recognized as UnityBPO’s foundational philosophy.

Local Headquarters, Nationwide Personal Services

Headquartered in Albuquerque, NM we serve our clients nationally via our Centers of Excellence, as well as through our alliances with technology partners. We have led managed IT systems in complex medical environments across the United States for multiple clients in ambulatory, acute care, home health, and long-term care providers.


To steward best-of-class business process outsourcing, empowering the teams and technology within healthcare to support PATIENTS with excellence, PROVIDERS at the point of care, STAFF and ADMINISTRATORS to ensure efficiency and compliance, and the ORGANIZATIONS we serve with sustainable methods of transformation.


Transforming healthcare delivery by creating a better life every day for the many stakeholders we serve with right-sized technology and support services for turnkey business process outsourcing.

Core Values

UnityBPO is committed to achieving our mission through the highest standards of service, sustainability and integrity. To achieve that end, we have a set of core values that provide the foundation for both our employees and our clients. These core values drive the way we manage and support our employees, and how we approach and engage our clients:


We know that our best work makes a difference in the lives of the clinicians, administrators and patients we serve every day. So we enable our employees to make well thought out decisions that lead to the right changes for the right reasons.


Our healthcare clients must continuously improve and we must change with them. We use analytical problem solving to address day-to-day business problems, identify new opportunities and processes that add capacity, and continuously learn, adapt, thrive and change.


We are bound together by our conviction that working together is how we must operate. We partner with clinicians and each other to achieve common goals, share information, proactively communicate, and participate in a caring environment.


At UnityBPO we are dedicated to acting with utmost integrity and respect. Our culture rewards employees who are ambassadors for the company to our clients and our communities. Our highest honor is our clients trust.


All providers seek innovative healthcare delivery and financing to achieve better health outcomes, exceptional experience, and affordability. We believe embracing that goal helps us apply creative thinking that improve processes, methods, systems, or services.

Customer Oriented

Our value is derived from being your most trusted partner and delivering exceptional performance. Our top priority is humanizing technology and proactively reducing the issues your clinical and business staff face.

Corporate Responsibility

UnityBPO is proud to support the philanthropic initiatives of the clients and communities we serve, both financially and through participation in various events. By supporting our hospital clients’ foundations, we contribute to the transformation of the nation’s hospitals through research, education and patient care programs – from cancer research to capital funding for cardiac care facilities.