Patient Contact Center

Driving patients to embrace digital health

24/7/365 Patient Portal & IT Contact Center - Omni-channel (Chat, Text, Call, Remote-in)

    • Troubleshoot & resolve Portal & IT issues
    • Handle site navigation questions
    • Facilitate credit card payments from patients
    • Facilitate RX, Appointments, Labs
    • Leverage every interaction as a training & adoption moment
    • Track and report on patient interactions

Unity Offerings for Hospitals, Health Systems and Physician Practices.

Dedicated 24/7/365 support, 100% U.S. based workforce, for inpatient hospitals and integrated health networks.


27.1% -- Increase portal adoption by active users

97% -- satisfaction & experience

35.2% -- Increase appointments scheduled online

32.3% -- Increase appointment requests

15.9%-- Increase medication refill requests

27.5% -- Increase patient-entered clinical updates

26%-- Increase online payments made

37% -- Increase paperless statements sent

20%-- Increase the number of mobile users

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