Patient Access & Outreach Center

Personalizing healthcare so patients get care on their terms

Multi-lingual Proactive Outreach to Patients. Inbound & Outbound contact. Cost-effective alternative to a centralized/decentralized provider based call center.

    • Post-discharge calling for non-medical issues to reduce re-admissions
    • Escalate medical post-discharge issues to our Nurse line
    • Centralized scheduling (coordinating online and telephonic scheduling) for all Service lines – primary care, radiology, endo, outpatient rehab, heart & vascular
    • Escalate urgent patient symptoms to our Nurse line for triage
    • Proactive follow-up to improve portal activation & usage
    • Proactive health maintenance reminders
    • Follow up / check in with patients
    • Education – pre-care, point of care, post-care

Unity Offerings for Hospitals, Health Systems and Physician Practices.

Dedicated 24/7/365 support, 100% U.S. based workforce, for inpatient hospitals and integrated health networks.


Improved patient focused connections

Improved consumption of information

Improved patient compliance

Improved medication adherence

Reduced patient leakage

Reduce no show rates

< 58 seconds speed to answer

< 4% abandon rate

99% call routing accuracy

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