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Unity Within

Unity Within

What is Unity Within?

Demonstrating UnityBPO’s mission of unifying service, Unity Within® is reliable, sustainable, technology support unrivaled in the industry. Unity Within is a transformative system of software, hardware, processes and continuous support services that unifies an organization’s operations, and connects physicians, patients, clinicians, technicians and staff. This technology-enabled solution for service-management is designed and operated specifically for the healthcare sector. Unity Within® also addresses growing client demand for better, faster and more efficient service-management capabilities across process, applications and infrastructure – both traditional and cloud-enabled.

Unity Within, available exclusively from UnityBPO, connects to the inner workings of a healthcare facility, to the beating heart of its processes. Filling a gap that often exists in connectivity between processes and people, this system also connects to the heart of what’s important for delivering and receiving a more simplified approach to healthcare.

Improved Interoperability

Unity Within responds to the urgency that exists today for improved technological interoperability. There’s no time for healthcare IT to disconnect in an environment where lives are at stake. Connecting people with technology is at the heart of healthcare today – and tomorrow.

Manufacturers are constantly developing niche products to assist health professionals in the delivery of effective patient treatment – from hardware, such as anesthesia regulators, to software, such as EMR applications. These products are designed to perform singular tasks that require human input, monitoring, and maintenance. But, they don’t talk to each other.

Ensuring these systems perform well, both on their own and in concert with other systems, is the objective of Unity Within. Through UnityBPO, Unity Within ensures greater connectivity and interoperability to leverage more reliable, sustainable results. When systems work well together, people work well together, building teamwork, relationships, organizational harmony, and the pride of excellence.

The Power to Transform

Healthcare IT business process outsourcing can provide much more than technology solutions; it can be the unifying conduit that fosters better connections between doctors and patients, administrators and staff, and providers and organizations. The results can be transformative.

Powered by Unity Within, organizations partnering with UnityBPO will:


Transform operational efficiency, communication, experience, bandwidth, compliance, security, analytics, data, scalability, and onboarding of EMR/EHR or other HIMS systems.


Unify teams, technology, hospitals and healthcare organizations to create business process outsourcing that yields much more than solutions. Unity Within is the unifying conduit that fosters better connections to create stronger unity between people and machines – creating transformation that takes you further.


Greater results are leveraged for organizations, including sustainable healthcare excellence, optimum efficiency and heightened cost effectiveness.


More relationships and lasting partnerships can now form.


Now, the weight can be removed so providers are free to return their focus to what matters most – patient care.

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