For our Hospital clients, we provide patient and provider support for your Patient Portal.

Provide patients 24/7 Technology Support:

  • Troubleshoot & resolve access, security, proxy, telehealth issues.
  • Facilitate credit card payments from patients.
  • Resolve application, workflow, vocabulary issues.
  • Proactively manage activation errors for quick support and resolution.
  • Implement real-time call analytics for adoption, issues, trends.
  • Carry out portal infrastructure monitoring for outages & alerts.

Promote proactive outreach as key to success and increased adoption:

  • Proactively follow up to significantly improve portal usage.
  • Offer proactive password reminders / support.
  • Transmit proactive health maintenance reminders.
  • Manage contacts via phone, text, email, and chat.

Leverage every interaction as a training & adoption moment:

  • Provide tips /guidelines for successful portal experience.
  • Track functional usage & introduce / teach other functionality.
  • Position enterprise telehealth approach to increase patient engagement:

  • Support video visits/virtual care.
  • Perform remote patient monitoring.
  • Offer B2B telehealth support.
  • Proven Results

    • Increase patient support maturity through continual service improvement (CSI) and robust platform.
    • Increase Portal adoption by active users, on average a 27.1% increase
    • Increase appointments scheduled online by, on average, 35.2%
    • Increase appointment requests by 32.3%
    • Increase medication refill requests by 15.9%
    • Increase patient-entered clinical updates by 27.5%
    • Increase online payments made by 26%
    • Increase paperless statements sent by 37%
    • Increase the number of mobile users by 20%
    • Eliminate thousands of physician office calls per month

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